Let’s Be Kind

2019 Let’s Be Kind Day Speech

Hey Mesa Nation, It’s Rebekah Robeck and today is LET’S BE KIND DAY!!!! We all have been working so hard all year to show kindness and love on our campus. Our second Mesa “Feel the Love Festival Week” coordinated by Costa Mesa High School ASB was held just a few weeks ago and Today is a continued celebration of those efforts.

Last year I put on a Let’s Be Kind Day at the middle school with hopes of beginning conversations and acts of proactive kindness to each other. Can you image our campus through the lens of KINDNESS? A campus where we all respect one another, teachers and students alike. A campus where we all engage in community, where we are caring for one another and encouraging one another in who we are as individuals? My hope is that as our community, Costa Mesa Middle and High School will be proactive in spreading kindness, and as we are intentional with one another we WILL make a difference in each other’s lives. I started Let’s Be Kind Day on the middle school campus because I noticed how we as a student body needed to be kind to each other. It takes every one of us actively being kind to create a movement. Will you join the movement?

Today you will be getting a custom one-of-a-kind Let’s Be Kind T-shirt that I had specifically designed for our two campuses. Unifying all of us as one. Will you wear your tee with me and help to change the conversation on our campus? Will you be proactive in your approach to each other, in class and on our campus as a whole? Let’s show our community that MESA NATION is more than just a hashtag, it’s a community of unique talented KIND people ready to speak and act to each other through the lens of KINDNESS. We can be kind to one another and create a place where we all belong and feel safe. Let’s Be Kind Mesa!!! I believe in us! I believe together we can be the best middle school and high school covered in kindness that our generation has ever seen.

The lunch bell is going to ring in a few minutes, will you meet me down in the quad to grab a t-shirt and wear it, wear it in unity, wear it in pride, wear to remind yourself and to tell others that kindness changes things and we are here to do that together!

I want to thank our principals for believing that KINDNESS will make a difference on our campus and allowing me to put on this event for you. Thank you, Dr. Padilla, for all your hard work in preparing for today. I also want to thank the amazing companies that provided our give-a-ways for today, HURLY – who gave hats and backpacks and Target of Costa Mesa that gave a 24” TV, a turntable and a Jacket H2O speaker. Don’t forget to enter the raffle for your chance to win one. Fill Bake shop for providing donuts to the Middle School campus!

And a special thank you to Chick-fil-a who is here with us today and is giving each student on campus today a ticket to get a free food item at their Harbor Blvd location. Make sure you get your picture taken with the COW and eat more chicken!!!

Make sure you share your photos on Instagram @letsbekidday and so Mesa Nation welcome to Let’s Be kind Day!