Let’s Be Kind

Media Advisory

Costa Mesa High School student to host Let’s Be Kind Day 

COSTA MESA, Calif. — Rebekah Robeck, a 14-year-old 9th grade student at Costa Mesa High School, has partnered with Costa Mesa High School & Costa Mesa Middle School to host the Second Annual Let’s Be Kind Day, Friday, Apirl 25, 2019.

The event is intended to encourage teens to grow relationships and develop respect for each other. Last June, Rebekah started a Go Fund Me Account that raised more than $3,000 in 24 hours. This funding allowed Rebekah and her team of volunteers to distribute 700 “Let’s Be Kind” T-shirts to students, staff and faculty at Costa Mesa Middle School.

With the recent incident involving students at Newport Harbor High School & Costa Mesa High School it is apparent that LET’ BE KIND DAY is needed now more than ever. Rebekah intends to expand her efforts to not just the Middle School this year but also to the High School and hopes of raising $9,000 to provide more than 2,100 students, staff and faculty with T-shirts to both Costa Mesa High School and Costa Mesa Middle School.

The day is designed to unify the entire campus for one purpose, to be kind to each other. During the lunch hour Rebekah will explain over the P.A. why she wants everyone on her campus to experience kindness. Through her personal story of receiving kindness in her life she hopes to encourage her fellow classmates to do the same. As the students are let of class they gather in the quad for a celebration with music, food and receiving their free t-shirt. It’s in this moment when every student is anxious to put on their tee that they are unified for one purpose, KINDNESS. The event allows them to freely be reminded that they are cared for, loved and encouraged. The impact that this one event has on the campus community has been so impactful as we have seen friendships grow, community strengthen and respect given.

The Let’s Be Kind T-Shirt is a symbol to our entire Costa Mesa community that kindness changes things and we hope that it will unify the Costa Mesa Middle and High School student body.


Media interested in more information about Let’s Be Kind day may contact Cristina Robeck at (714) 856-0845 or visit www.letsbekind.org